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You can talk about the benefits of massage indefinitely. It has a beneficial effect on the state of all organs and systems of the body: improves tissue trophics, eliminates pain in muscles and joints, normalizes metabolism. It is a wonderful way to improve human health.

Depending on the purpose, the massage can be tonic or opposite calming, relaxing. Massage helps to cope with depression, eliminate the consequences of accumulated stresses.

However, as in any case, the effectiveness of massage depends entirely on the skill of the person who makes it. If you are interested in choosing a quality service, most likely, tried to make up your opinion, using the request "massage in Rostov-on-Don." Most answers to a given kind of search come down to rest and relaxation. Of course, the production of endorphins is an integral, so-called "side" effect of massage. A pleasant effect on nerve endings signals the brain and triggers the relaxation process.