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Privacy policy

The “OOO Hotel FG” Company (below the Site), which owns and operates the site https://hotelfg.ru, carefully monitors the rights of its users. We attach great importance to the confidentiality of personal data of each user of the site. By using our site, registering your personal information in the reservation form fields, leaving comments and requests, you accept all points of the Privacy Policy.

Links to other sites

The following Privacy Policy applies to data that is exclusively collected by our Site. However, it may contain links to external resources that we do not administer or control. The privacy policy of other sites is not within our control. Once you visit other resources, you should find information about their privacy policy before entering your information on them.

Confidentiality of personal information

Collecting personal information

Our Site collects and records personal data provided by you. This is done when you fill out the form for booking hotel rooms, for restaurant reservations, for applying for conference room rental, as well as when you leave personal comments in the appropriate column. Personal data includes any information that is required to identify a person, both physical and legal. This may include name and surname, company name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, bank card details.

Use of personal information

The personal data that we receive from visitors to the Site is necessary for us to register users and provide them with services at HOTEL FG. This data enables us to make room reservations, make table reservations, and fulfill requests for conference hall reservations. In addition, this data is required for the normal operation of the Site, to improve its functioning and to perform tasks for which users have given their permission. Personal information is also used to provide feedback to users. For example, if a user contacts us through the Site, we reserve the right to respond to them using the data they have entered on the forms provided for that purpose. We also use personal information to let our users know that this Privacy Policy has changed significantly.

Disclosure of private information

We cooperate with other companies and organizations that perform certain services for us. Thus, they may be instructed to process data, deliver it, post it on our Website, perform some of the services you apply for, conduct statistical research. These third parties to be able to carry out their work, we reserve the right to share your personal data with them to the extent necessary to provide their services. They may use only that part of the information and only for specific purposes. It is their responsibility to be fully confidential and they may not share or use your personal information for any other purpose.

Also the personal data can be disclosed in situations provided by the law, or in case if the administration of the Site decides that it is necessary for due process of legal procedures, for participation in legal proceedings, for execution of the court decision, for execution of any legal procedures which are required for interaction of the Site administration and the user. In no other cases, personal data can not be disclosed or transferred to third parties. It should be remembered that the data you enter into the text of the review, will be available to other users of the Site, they can be viewed by all visitors of the section.


Non-personal information policy

We also collect non-personal data, which includes information about your activity on the Site. For example, we record the pages you have visited, the links you clicked on, and other data about how you used our site. We also receive and store ordinary information that your browser transmits to us. This includes your IP address, the name of your browser, the language you use, the amount of time you spend on our pages and their addresses. In order for our website to function optimally, we need to constantly perform the analysis for which this data is required. Web analytics requires information that is transmitted by cookies. You can review the privacy policy of popular web analytics services:

Using bookmarks (cookies)

A cookie is a small size file that contains only one line of characters. Your computer receives this file when you visit a particular site. The next time you visit it, this file will let you know your computer and your browser. Often cookies store various information about the user, such as your settings. You can prevent your browser from receiving such files, or you can set your browser to ask for permission when you send them. A number of websites, their services or features may not work correctly without these files. Please be aware that data obtained through cookies cannot identify a specific user. They do not transmit viruses to infect your computer and cannot run third party software.

Our site also uses cookies, in particular to collect non-personal information and monitor user interaction with the Site. We record your preferences and preferences through these cookies. When you return to our site over and over again, you will be able to make full use of it without having to enter the same information each time. You save time by using completely secure technology, without the risk of losing your personal data. We receive from you through these files only non-personal information that we need for statistical analysis and improvement of the Site.

Aggregate information

We may use the personal data that you provide, combined with other users, to conduct various statistical studies and analyzes. The aggregated information thus obtained does not identify specific users. It is necessary to analyze certain groups of users, trends of their interaction with The Site. Such aggregated information is not specific to individuals, cannot be identified, and cannot be contacted. Such anonymous aggregate information may be shared with third parties that do some work for us, such as statistical analysis. Your personal information is secure.

The changes made to this privacy statement

Our company reserves the right to periodically make changes or make additional points to this Privacy Policy. Changes may affect all sections or only part of them, so we warn users to re-read this document regularly. This will allow you to be fully aware of how we protect your private data that you provide to us when ordering our services and using the Site.

On our page is the most recent version of the Privacy Policy, you can see it by clicking on the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the main page. Whenever we decide to change a policy, we specify the date of the most recent change at the beginning of the text, and we do not normally send other notices to users. However, if the changes are significant, we will post an announcement on the home page or send an e-mail to our registered users. If you then continue to use our site, you accept and agree to the changes.

Contact Us

If you want to clarify something, ask us questions or make suggestions about the Privacy Policy, you can send your email to the following address: info@hotelfg.ru.