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Discount cards for regular guests


Dear customers, we are pleased and honored to have you in our hotel and to offer you maximum comfort and satisfaction, but besides this we will introduce a new system of discounts.

Our discount cards have different denomination and are divided as follows:


- After the first check-in at the hotel,

you become the holder of a virtual discount card

 FG - 1 Level, providing a discount on accommodation of at least 5%

- After the second check-in at the hotel,

we issue you a discount card

 FG - 2 Level, providing a discount on accommodation of at least 10%

- With your 15th arrival or 15 days of continuous stay,

 we increase the level of the discount card and issue an

 FG - 3 Level card, which provides a minimum 15% discount on accommodation.


You can book a room

any category through contact

information or on the official website.


Terms and Conditions:

- FG - Level 1 discount card is virtual;

- The card can be issued to the guest only from the second arrival at the Hotel FG;

- Issued free of charge, when filling in the form;

- Discount on card does not apply to additional services and valid discounts;

- Discount card is personal and cannot be lent to third parties;

- The discount is valid only for the cardholder, or for guests staying with him;

- The terms and conditions of this card do not apply to corporate customers. If you lose your card, you can apply for its restoration, but if you have personal information in the database;

- We will not "lose" any of your visits, remind us of your 15 check-in or 15 days of continuous stay and we will increase the discount. 


The Hotel FG Discount Card allows you to use premium services with significant discounts and privileges.